Credent specializes in offering manpower on contract, one-off and temporary basis with accent on serving research institutions, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and laboratory segments. Credent has a rigorous process of selection of candidates for specific skills and each one is chosen after interviews and verification. Thereafter, each one chosen to be part of our team undergoes specialized training to enhance skills. We also conduct background checks and vet each candidate. We offer manpower services on the best terms. Clients can intimate us in advance and we will make arrangements to provide candidates for selection. Clients may phone us in case of emergency and we will provide people in the shortest possible time. You will find that people we recommend to fill temporary posts or longer duration posts get right down to work in the most efficient way. You will find that outsourcing your manpower requirements to us saves time and money in addition to getting the job done far better.

Service Models


Services are provided from our India offices Option of using client supplied software or our own software.


Resource sare deployedat full time or part time basis at client location under supervision of client team or our own team.


Services are rendered from India Offices and client offices aspermutually decided schedule.

Flexibility in nature of Services

Integrated suite of services

Stand alone services

Short term projects requirement

Ongoing Retainer arrangements