We believe that an employee is the centre of every company. Thats why our Payroll Management is designed to take care of all employee related functions while keeping human intervention out of it. We have well defined SOPs, quality standards of accuracy and SLA’s for each of our processes. We minimize data handling by automating most of the tasks. We base our Payroll processing rules and logic on the opinion of our knowledge experts who closely monitor the various government and Tax regulations. Multi-level of maker and checker ensures detection of any variances / minimises chances of any errors. Independent QA team monitor the work of the main processing teams. This enables us to provide highest quality service and achieve near 0% defect.

Service Models


Services are provided from our India offices Option of using client supplied software or our own software.


Resource sare deployedat full time or part time basis at client location under supervision of client team or our own team.


Services are rendered from India Offices and client offices aspermutually decided schedule.

Flexibility in nature of Services

Integrated suite of services

Stand alone services

Short term projects requirement

Ongoing Retainer arrangements