When your dreams include service to others - accomplishing something that contributes to others - it also accelerates the accomplishment of that goal. People want to be part of something that contributes and makes a difference.

Man-Power Outsourcing

Credent specializes in offering manpower on contract, one-off and temporary basis with accent on serving research institutions, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and laboratory segments. Credent has a rigorous process of selection of candidates for specific skills and each one is chosen after interviews and verification. Thereafter, each one chosen to be part of our team undergoes specialized training to enhance skills. We also conduct background checks and vet each candidate. We offer manpower services on the best terms. Clients can intimate us in advance and we will make arrangements to provide candidates for selection. Clients may phone us in case of emergency and we will provide people in the shortest possible time. You will find that people we recommend to fill temporary posts or longer duration posts get right down to work in the most efficient way. You will find that outsourcing your manpower requirements to us saves time and money in addition to getting the job done far better.

HR Consultancy

Credent Team is a world leader in innovative workforce solutions. We provide end to end Human Resource Management to organizations and helps them address their critical talent needs. Our endeavor is to help our clients and candidates win in the changing world of work.



  • Pre induction training.

  • Post induction training.

  • Onsite training for new recruits.

  • Quarterly training to enhance the skills.

  • Questionnaire to harness the knowledge.


On Site Training For New Recruits

  • Upgrade the knowledge about new technology/ SOPs..

  • It consists of an experienced employee passing down their skills to a new employee.

  • Soft skills training to sort out the client issues.

Quarterly Training To Enhance The Skills

  • Training about new technical standards and tests.

  • Training about new NABL guidelines.

  • Training about basic phlebotomy skills to meet the quality.

Logistics & Warehouse Network



Setting and achieving goals

Credent who set high goals for themselves, or respond well to stretch goals from Team, Indicate a willingness to do more than clock in and clock out every day.

Future Objectives


Detail Of Services With Charges

S.No Services Rates excluding All Taxes
1 Bikers for Metro Cities INR 19500.00 upto 2000km.Per/Month
2 Bikers for Rest of India (Exclu. Metro City) INR 18500.00 upto 2000km.Per/Month
3 Surface Connectivity From North India INR 450.00 upto 5kg. Per /Box (D2D)
4 Air Connectivity Thru Metroes Console INR 1500.00 upto 5kg. Per /Box (D2D)
5 Air Connectivity Console INR 1800.00 upto 5kg. Per /Box (D2D)
6 Air Connectivity Dedicated Direct INR 3200.00 upto 5kg. Per /Box (D2D)
7 Phlebo Services for Metro Cities INR 17500.00 for 9 Hours 7 Days a Week
8 Phlebo Services for Rest of India INR 16500.00 for 9 Hours 6 Days a Week
9 Phlebo Services on Per Day Basis INR 1200.00 for 8 Hours
10 Home Coleection Services for Delhi NCR, Mumbai & Pune INR 200.00 Per collection (Min. Billing - 900 Coll/Month)
11 Centrifuge Machine Per Day Basis INR 700.00 for 1 Day inclu. Logistic charges
12 Height, Weight & BP Instruments Per Day Basis INR 700.00 for 1 Day inclu. Logistic charges
13 ECG & PFT Services Per Day / Per Patient Basis INR 3000.00 for 1 Day inclu. Logistic charges

Our Domains

Credent Group maintains a team of around 800 bikers, each one thoroughly trained and carefully vetted through a rigorous process. Each member of the biker team is allotted a specific territory and provides fast, efficient services to clients in his area. A call from a client starts the process with the nearest field biker contacted via phone and the biker can find the exact location using GPS and maps and reach it within minutes.
Our biker services handle pickup services. This may involve a package, a document, a purchase or a delivery as the case may be. Trained and knowledgeable, each biker knows exactly what to do and carries out the procedure efficiently within short span of his arrival at the location.
Whether it is pickup and delivery from one location to another or couriering a package, it is done quickly and professionally. Clients receive complete updates through a tracking service. Basic services are covered in our standard rate for each pickup/delivery for locations across India.

Credent offers the complete suite of onsite radiology services for every type of healthcare providers ranging from small to large hospitals and government organizations. Services cover ultrasound, X-rays and CT scan among others. Apart from providing equipments we also provide expert team along with a radiologist and doctor. Our onsite team blends in with your staff members and becomes a seamless part of your services, bringing in value and enhanced reputation. Adding onsite radiology can also help to save lives.
When you avail of our onsite radiology services you get all the benefits of such services without the headaches of maintaining equipments and hiring specialists. We provide experts along with equipments to ensure 24x7 services to your customers. We put in place an IT-enabled process backed by quality procedures to ensure standardized workflows and highest levels of patient care.

Credent offers home collection services in a big way across the length and width of India. We have an established presence in major cities in each state across India. At present we have 278 centers and the number is growing every day.
Our home collection service covers collection of blood/urine samples for laboratory analysis. This service is available to individuals who may not have the time to visit a laboratory or patients who are not able to undertake travel because they are ill or bedridden. Samples collected are tested and analyzed by our personnel in our associate labs to assure accurate test results. All this is handled when our home collection executive visits you.
We also offer home collection services to hospitals and laboratories to enhance their services and to help them rope in more customers.

Credent has a team of 507 phlebotomists and the number is growing across major and minor cities in India. Phlebotomists in our employ receive thorough training to be precise and meticulous in performance of their duties. Credent Cold Chain Logistics with its expertise in temperature controlled packaging guarantees that samples are preserved while in transit. We follow internationally recognized standards for this service to satisfy highest quality requirements of hospitals and laboratories as well as clinical trials institutions and pharmaceutical companies.
Phlebotomists are trained to draw blood samples expertly with minimum discomfort to the patient and then store such samples in temperature controlled packaging. Our phlebotomists are also expert in observing the patient during the process and in rendering any assistance that may be required should there be any adverse reaction. They take care of sample collection, packaging and forwarding procedures with documentation if they are in the field.
We offer trained phlebotomists who have through knowledge about new technical standards and test as well as the new NABL guidelines. You may employ such trained phlebotomists or, if you are planning to recruit people, we can train them to enhance their skill levels.

Credent has years of experience and expertise in cold chain logistics with particular emphasis on matching the extremely critical needs of hospitals and testing laboratories as well as pharma and research organizations. We have standardized procedures of cold chain logistics to conform to international specifications with a detailed system in place that starts with provisioning of right equipments for collection, storage and transit, right up to delivery point.
Our cold chain logistics chain includes field personnel carrying the right temperature controlled storage containers, a fleet of aircraft to fly the collected sample to the destination, temperature controlled vans and delivery personnel. We offer cold chain logistics for transport of perishable products as well. In addition, our cold chain logistics service takes care of medicines and samples as well as organ transport under tightly controlled conditions of temperature and mechanical factors. All processes are recorded and both sides of the deal have access to detailed records.

We conduct a corporate health program to ensure better health for the workforce in an organization. Health and wellness programs should be an integral part of the company's global strategy to promote a healthy workplace. A healthy worker is more efficient, has more energy, the risk of accidents decreases and stress situations are managed in a more positive way. According to the WHO report, adequate nutrition and the practice of physical activity can increase productivity levels by 20% For these reasons, more and more organizations are being aware of implementing corporate health measures, thus giving importance to their most important capital: people .
There are several programs to promote the corporate health of work teams. It is important to align the health strategy with the business strategy and implement measures that promote profound changes in the organization, avoiding isolated initiatives that fall apart in the short term. We take care of corporate health in a strategic way