Immediate Hiring

Team Credent is known for fulfilling our client’s requirement on an urgent basis. We have an experienced team of HR who helps us to deliver speed with quality. Clients may phone us in case of emergency, and we will provide great resource in the shortest possible time.

Payroll Processing

Our Payroll Management is designed to take care of all employees related functions while keeping human intervention out of it. We have well defined SOP, s quality standards of accuracy though which we minimize data handling by automating most of the tasks. We base our payroll processing rules and logic on the opinion of our knowledge experts who closely monitor the various government and Tax regulations.

Man-Power Outsourcing

Credent team specializes in offering manpower on contract, one-off and temporary basis. Credent has a rigorous process of selection of candidates for specific skills and each one is chosen after interviews and verification. Thereafter, each one chosen to be part of our team undergoes specialized training to enhance skills. We also conduct background checks for each candidate. Outsourcing your manpower requirements to us saves time and money in addition to getting the job done far better.