5 Bollywood movies that inspire the team

#1 Lagaan

It is an epic musical sports film set in the early 1890s, during India’s colonial British Raj. The story revolves around a small village in India whose inhabitants was unable to pay the high taxes and was challenged by an arrogant British officer to a game of cricket. The villagers would be absolved from paying all taxes, if they manage to win a game, against the British. The movie documents how the villagers, under the leadership of Bhuvan, learn the nuances of the game that is alien to them and with great determination and teamwork, finally win the game against the British to change their village’s destiny.

Leadership Lesson
The story is a shining example of leadership and building a high performance team. Bhuvan displays how leaders should model the way through his selflessness, viewing every problem as an opportunity, setting a vision, executing well, showing steely determination, assigning people to apt roles, and leading with confidence.

#2 Lakshay

This movie portrays Karan Shergill, who evolves from being an aimless boy into an army official. The story unveils the transform of Karan after he consolidates the Indian Military Academy. Unable to handle the strict military discipline and tough life there, in starting he runs away. Later, after adapting with the situation, he returns to the academy and becomes a focused, disciplined officer cadet and eventually commissions into the Indian Army as a Lieutenant. During the Kargil war, after being promoted as captain and heading a team of 12 men, he is assigned a tough and perilous project, which he completes successfully against all odds.

Leadership Lesson
Lakshya is a beautiful story of individual self-discovery. It is about how discovering one’s purpose completely catalyses a person towards a meaningful life.

#3 Chak De India

A movie was based on the real life story of an Indian hockey player Mir Ranjan Negi, who faced allegations of letting down his country in a match against Pakistan. The film follows the journey of the Indian national women’s hockey team from being a ragtag group of players from diverse backgrounds to their win at the Manchester Commonwealth games, after being trained by Kabir Khan, who played Negi’s character.

Leadership Lesson
The movie is a master class in showing resilience in the face of all odds. It also showcases the value of a leader, Kabir Khan and how he coaches an unruly gang of girls to think like a team and overcome impossible odds to rise above them and succeed.

#4 Super 30

An inspiring true life story of the life of mathematics educator Anand Kumar and his unique educational program, this movie won both awards and hearts! Moved by the plight of poor students, who quit studies due to poverty, he starts his own coaching centre to impart free coaching to poor, yet bright students. The movie follows the torments, trials and tribulations he faces in this arduous journey. He gives them practical training and encourages them to learn all concepts in an easy and logical way. He is rewarded for his efforts when the first batch of 30 students take the IIT exam and all of them qualify successfully.

Leadership Lesson
Anand Kumar exemplifies a leader’s role in motivating his students to always be ravenous for success. Very often, individuals lose the battle in their minds. Be it – poverty, hunger, lack of money or criminal attacks- he teaches them to face it head on, thus emphasizing the importance of having faith in self through adopting a growth mind-set.

#5 Chhichhore

Chhichhore begins with young Raghav suffering from a massive anxiety about whether he will crack the all India engineering entrance exam as he has invested 18 hours a day for the past many months preparing for it and wants to match the calibre of his parents. A failure to launch throws him into despair and the occasion brings together six middle aged people into a reunion with the objective of alleviating Raghav from his pain and encouraging him to bring hope back into his fragile life. LOSERS, as these six were known as in their student life, recount their carefree journey initially and the final effort to shrug off the underdog tag, drawing a significant parallel to Raghav's situation.

Leadership Lesson
In the movie where after so many efforts, Ani’s team H4 loses. But the opposition team H3 leader Raghuvir cheers for their efforts for giving a good fight to them. This is what we must always do instead of judging the result. One must not judge the result instead we must appreciate whatever the result might be. Failure is equivalent to success. Appreciate the efforts put forth by the person. The movie ends with a punch-line that- It is not the end result that defines success, it is the hard-work , effort, sweat and toil put in the process that defines success. Raghav gets a brand new perspective to embrace failure and fight -it out to emerge stronger!!!